Heather Egan - tutor


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Zoology, from the University of British Columbia.

My name is Heather Egan.  I reside in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.


As a past copy editor for the largest business skills training company in the world (Global Knowledge), I have an excellent grasp of the use of the English language.

I have 4 children whom I homeschooled from Kindergarten to Grade 12, giving me 17 years of teaching experience. Throughout their schooling, I taught my children each subject. In other words, I did not use any pre-packaged materials to teach, nor did I have my kids teaching themselves for most courses. As a result of this, and because my kids took all of the high school sciences, I have had recent experience teaching most elementary and high school subjects.

I love to work with people of all ages and abilities. My experience includes working with learners from the ages of 5 to 64.

My jingle

Melanie Bagley is a brilliant composer. She wrote my jingle in exactly the tone I requested. She has creativity and intuition, not to mention musical talent, to spare. Have a listen to it here…